Dedicated to Understanding Grief

Howard Lunche, MSW, LCSW

WHAT HELPS - Introduction

The ability to observe our personal reaction to significant loss without judgment helps promote a healthy response and progression through grieving. We must eventually face the truths about the deceased and our relationship, and the death and loss. Naming the good and the bad helps with understanding and honoring the personal aspects and impact of the loss.


Finding or developing mourning activities, which give meaningful expression to our grief helps alleviate the pain of the grief. Identifying and acquiring support can be a challenge, but support is an important component for getting through grief. Grieving in isolation adds to our pain.


Integrating the experience of loss contributes to an optimal outcome of grieving and mourning. How we, and our life, have been changed by significant loss is important. Integrating our experience of grief and change adds meaning to our experience of loss and pain. Maturity and wisdom are the fruits of the labor of grieving and mourning, and these are important and useful qualities for living.


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